Friday, February 1, 2013

NBA Prediction of The Day - Orlando Magic @ Boston Celtics

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  Celtics Try To Cope In A Post-Rondo World Against The Magic  

The Boston Celtics know that it's going to be hard for them to go deep into the NBA playoffs this season, but they also know that they still have a legitimate chance of making the postseason.
Orlando Magic @ Boston Celtics - Friday, February1
Why Orlando Will Win

  Online football betting students who want to add a little intrigue to their Super Bowl weekend in a realm other than the NFL will pursue the possibility of betting on this game. If they do a little research, they'll find that the Magic, despite being the worst team in the NBA since Dec. 19 in terms of the number of games won (two), could match up quite favorably with Boston in this tilt. The Magic know that point guard Jameer Nelson – who propelled the team to the 2009 NBA Finals – will enjoy a distinct matchup advantage against the Celtics' point guard, Avery Bradley. That's right – with Rajon Rondo out for the rest of the season, Bradley is being asked to run Doc Rivers' offense at the point. This gives Orlando a huge edge, one Nelson should be able to exploit. Orlando struggled in its most recent game on Wednesday against the New York Knicks, but the Knicks are a very potent offensive team. Without Rondo on the floor, the Celtics' halfcourt offense is likely to suffer, because Rondo was so good at setting up his teammates for quality shot attempts. Orlando could be the first big beneficiary of Rondo's injury.

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 Why Boston Will Win


With an online horse betting guru or a college football betting expert, the calculus of a given event can sometimes depend not on the excellence of the favored team, but the ineptitude of the underdog. It's true that Boston lacks Rajon Rondo, but Orlando has lacked a pulse since Dec. 19, winning only twice. Teams that barely win in a six-week span are horrible in all facets of play, deficient on a consistent basis, and bereft of toughness in the final few minutes of regulation time. This team just can't be trusted to win in Boston, where the Celtics – for all of their weaknesses – were still able to beat the Miami Heat in double overtime without Rondo this past Sunday. Boston also whacked the Sacramento Kings by 18 at home on Wednesday, so it's not as though the Celtics are going to completely crumble without Rondo; they just won't be able to make it very far in the playoffs.

The other thing that has to be pointed out here is that Boston has a much deeper bench than Orlando. With veterans such as Jason Terry and Jeff Green on hand, Boston can throw some quality players at opponents with an extended rotation, especially now that Rondo's out. Boston's bench scored 50 points in the win over Sacramento on Wednesday. Orlando's bench scored 27, by comparison, in a 16-point loss to New York on Wednesday.

Who Will Win?


The sense here is that Boston will still have enough in the tank to fend off Orlando. The Magic will be dangerous in this game, but the Celtics have a deeper team and will remain motivated in the absence of Rondo.

Precision Prediction Winning Pick: Boston Celtics

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