Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How to Bet on Sports - A Simplified Guide

How to Bet on Sports - A Simplified Guide 

You love to watch sports and you always pick the right teams to win. You were aware of the 50% BONUS and the UP to $900 being offered by just betting on your choice, and you were not able to grab the chance. You wanted to, you had that "lucky" feeling. In fact, you picked the right teams to win. You are now thinking, how can you lose? Yes, even if you did pick the wrong team to win, you will just be using the Bonuses to bet. How can you lose indeed. If grabbed the opportunity. If knew to bet on Sports. There's good news! We'll teach you. Let me introduce to you the world of Sports Betting. Some of you will find it more appealing than playing poker at one of those US Online Poker Sites.

There are plenty of ways to skin a cat, and so are the ways to bet. The best way to show you how to bet is to see it in action. Below is a Sample of a Football Betting Line ( this was the Super Bowl XLVII Betting Line):

 1.  Point Spread - This is the most common way of betting.
The Ravens are listed as +4 (-115) while the 49ers are listed as -4 (-105). This means that the 49ers are a 4-point favorites to win.  If you bet on the 49ers, we subtract 4 points from their final score for betting purposes. They need to win the game by 5 points or more for you to win your bet, since they are favored to win by 4 points. If you bet the underdog, the Ravens, we add 4 points to their final score for betting purposes. You win your bet if the Ravens win the game or if they lose by 3 points or less, since they are the underdogs, . If there is a tie or a push, then all wagers are refunded to bettors.
 In the above betting line, the numbers shown in the bracket represents the odds. If the odd is negative (-), it means you have a higher chance of winning, thus choosing it would mean lesser payout than what you wagered. If the odd is (+), it means you have a  lesser chance of winning, but a higher pay out than what you wagered. If you bet on the  Ravens, you will have to risk $115 to win $100, while those wanting to wager on the 49ers, will risk $105 to win $100.
2.  Money Lines -  While the point spread is concerned with who wins and by how much, the money line is solely interested in who wins, and thus, much easier to use.
In the above Super Bowl 2013 Football Line, the San Francisco 49ers are the favored team, as signified by the - (minus) written in front of the 165, while the Baltimore Ravens are the underdogs, as designated by the + (plus) in front of the 145. What these numbers mean is that those wishing to bet on the favorite, the 49ers, will have to risk $165 to win $100, while those wanting to wager on the underdog, the Ravens, will only risk $100 to win $145.

note: though money lines are expressed in units of $100, you do not have to bet that much money. The money line will work just as easily with a $5 or $10 wager as it does with a $100 bet. 

3. Over/Unders - Rather than betting on which team will win theSuper Bowl 2013, you could always wager on the combined score of both teams. 

In the above Betting Line, the over/under is 47 1/2 (-110). If you bet on over, and the combined is score is more than 47 1/2, then you win. If it is under 47 1/2, you lose. As signified by the (-) minus sign, you need to risk $110 to win $100. 

4. Prop Bets - Perhaps the most enticing thing about Super Bowl XLVII betting will be the large variety of prop bets offered. Some of the wagers you'll see include wagering on which team will win the coin toss, and who the game's MVP will be. 
Try and read also our "Tips on how to win at Sports Betting". Let us give you a few pointers on how to win at Sports Betting. You don't need to be a math genius to follow these pointers, it's easy and it will help you win money betting on sports.  Good Luck & Have Fun!