Friday, February 1, 2013

NBA Prediction of The Day - Miami Heat @ Indiana Pacers

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A Good Game is Brewing in Indiana

 Miami Heat @ Indiana Pacers – Friday February 1, 2013 7:00PM EST

The best onlinebetting sites love to see a good basketball game between an elite team and a young team on the rise. The Miami Heat has shown that it belongs in the game’s elite with the way it has gone about defending its title this season. The Heat is almost unbeatable at home, but it leaves the door open on the road sometimes. When the Heat plays a team like the Pacers, it is always a good idea to be extremely thorough about playing aggressive offense and efficient defense.

The sportsbetting experts had mentioned that the Indiana Pacers would be a team to be dealt with after last year’s playoffs. The young Pacers made a good impression on the betting experts and the fans and paved the way for optimism this season. Indiana made very few changes to its roster during the offseason, which was a smart move. This is a young team that is developing together and is looking to move to the next level of competition. In order to be the best, the Pacers has to beat the best. Indiana gets its chance when the Miami Heat comes to town.

 Miami Heat

A team with a 10-10 road record is not necessarily called struggling, but it is also not considered a success either. If you bet on sports, then you know that NBA teams that cannot win on the road are teams that do not do well in the playoffs. This Heat team seems uninspired on the road, which is the one crack in its otherwise strong armor. The Miami Heat play a relaxed style of offense on the road and the team does not pressure as much on defense either. Miami needs to pull itself out of its bad road habits before the playoffs begin.

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Indiana Pacers

The Sports Room experts are still expecting great things from this Indiana Pacers team. One of the things that remains unclear is whether the Pacers has what it needs to win, or if more personnel moves need to be made. Some feel that this team is developing a chemistry together that will help it become one of the elite NBA teams. For now, Indiana is poised to take an important step in its development if it can find a way to take down the Miami Heat at home.

The Bottom Line

The Indiana Pacers is the wrong team for the Miami Heat to fall asleep on. The Pacers will come out of the gate fast in this game and force Miami to follow a rapid pace. Considering how poorly Miami has played on the road this season, an Indiana win in this game is not out of the question.

Precision Prediction Winning Pick: Indiana Pacers

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