Wednesday, January 30, 2013

NBA Prediction of The Day - Detroit Pistons @ Indiana Pacers

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2013 NBA Basketball Betting – Pistons And Pacers Meet In Central Division Duel

The Detroit Pistons have enjoyed better results than the Indiana Pacers of late, but does that mean that Detroit will be able to beat Indiana on the road this Wednesday night?

Detroit Pistons @ Indiana Pacers – Wednesday, January 30

Why Detroit Will Win

No college football betting expert would deny the contention that when you see a wave of momentum at work in competitive sports, you have to respect it and give it a lot of consideration, even if a comparison of raw talent suggests that a prediction should go in the opposite direction.

When you go over your next Bet On Sports review, you will see that Detroit has played a better brand of basketball over the past week than Indiana has. The Pistons have won three of five games entering their Tuesday tilt (on Jan. 29) against the Milwaukee Bucks. Detroit is winning close games and is exhibiting a level of resolve that simply didn't exist back in November, when a young and very lost team was 0-8 and wondering how it would ever be able to salvage its season. With the passage of time, the Pistons have ripened into a very credible team. They have gone 17-19 since their disastrous start, which is a testament to their resilience and their willingness to learn. A group of coachable players is a rarity in the NBA, or at least, it's not quite commonplace. The Pistons are going to work hard at the defensive end of the floor, and since Indiana is still without Danny Granger, that could matter quite a bit before this game is over. 

The other point to realize about this contest is that Indiana is coming off a long road trip, with an additional detail being that the Pacers played in altitude (against Denver) on Monday and will have only one day off in advance of this game. Indiana could still feel the effects of that road trip and its Mile High City finale. 

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Why Indiana Will Win

When people check the Sports Betting Lines play, they have to look at competing factors, and although the Pistons have played better in recent weeks, they have won twice against a horrible Orlando team that is plummeting in the Eastern Conference. Detroit also scored a win over Boston which was due in part to the fact that Detroit played the Celtics with ample rest. The Pistons played the Celtics at a time when they had played just one game over the previous seven days. Detroit has anything but ample rest for this contest.   

Online football betting gurus could look at the NBA schedule and tell you that the Pistons play Tuesday against Milwaukee and will face a quick turnaround for this contest. Indiana, which has just finished a grueling Western swing, has been losing games because it has played solid teams. The Pacers should be able to get healthy against Detroit. 

Who Will Win?

This will be a case in which the level of competition will shift the competitive calculus. Indiana has lost to Portland, Utah and Denver in recent days on the road. Playing Detroit is a different proposition altogether. The Pacers should cruise to victory here.

Precision Prediction Winning Pick: Indiana Pacers

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