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Game 4 2013 NBA Finals Betting Lines & Odds

NBA Basketball Betting Lines & NBA Odds


How To Bet On the 2013 NBA Finals - A Simplified Guide

The Eastern & the Western Conference NBA Championships are over and you picked the right team to win. You were aware of the 50% BONUS and the UP to $900 being offered by just betting on your choice, and you were not able to grab the chance. You wanted to, you had that "lucky" feeling. In fact, you picked the right teams to win. You are now thinking....If only you knew to Bet on Sports. There's good news! We'll teach you. And, there is still plenty of time for you to pick your choice for the 2013 NBA Game 4 Finals.Let me introduce you to the world of Sports Betting. Some of you will find it more appealing than playing poker at one of those US Online Poker Sites.

There are plenty of ways to skin a cat, and so are the ways to bet. The best way to show you how to bet is to see it in action. Below is the Game 4 2013 NBA Finals Betting Lines, as of this writing.

As of this writing the Game 4 2013 NBA Betting Lines are as follows:

  •  Point Spread - This is the most common way of bettingThe Miami Heat are listed as +1 (-110) while the San Antonio Spurs are listed as -1 (-110). This means that if you bet on the San Antonio Spurs,  they need to win the game by 2 points or more for you to win your bet, since they are favored to win by 1 point. Your $110 bet wins $100.   If you bet on the underdog, the Heat, we add 1 point to their final score for betting purposes. You win your bet if the Heat wins. It  is a tie/push if they lose by just 1 point, since they are the underdogs, Your $110 bet wins $100.
  •  Money Lines -  While the point spread is concerned with who wins and by how much, the money line is solely interested in who wins, and thus, much easier to use. In the above Game 4 2013 NBA Finals Betting Line, the San Antonio Spurs are the favored team,  while the Miami Heat are the underdogs. Those wishing to bet on the favorite, the Spurs, will have to risk $115 to win $100, while those wanting to wager on the underdog, the Heat, will only risk $105 to win $100.
  • Over/Unders - Rather than betting on which team will win the Game 4 2013 NBA Finals, you could always wager on the combined score of both teams.  (Total Points) - In the above Betting Line, the over/under is 187 (-110). If you bet on over, and the combined is score is more than 187, then you win. If it is under 187, you lose. As signified by the (-) minus sign, you need to risk $110 to win $100.
Remember, the NBA Betting Lines are constantly changing. Be sure to click on the following link for the latest updated NBA Odds & Lines: 

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