Monday, January 7, 2013

Tips on How to WIN at Sports Betting

If you love to Bet on Sports once in awhile to have fun or earn extra beer money, or for whatever reason, then let us give you a few pointers on how to win at Sports Betting. You don't need to be a math genius to follow these pointers, it's easy and it will help you win money betting on sports.

1. RELIABLE BETTING SITE - This is a reliable site where you can ---> Bet on NFL, Bet on NCAAF, Bet on CFL, Bet on NCAAB, Bet on MLB, Bet on MMA, Bet on NBA, Bet on NHL, Bet on SOCCER, Bet on WORLD JUNIOR HOCKEY, Bet on BOXING, Bet on COLLEGE BASEBALL, Bet on SPORTS CYCLING, Bet on SPORTS EURO, Bet on GOLF, Bet on NASCAR, Bet on TENNIS, Bet on UFC, Bet on WRESTLING, and you can even Bet on a HORSE.
2. CONTROL -  Always, always set aside a certain amount you can afford to lose. This is what you call a "bankroll". Control 1 - DON'T ever, ever bet with money you can't afford to lose. Set aside a certain amount to "bankroll" for a particular game or sports season, and never go over it. Safe rule to follow is, bet 2%-5% of your bankroll at a time. If you have set aside $1000 for the College Football Season, then just bet $20-$50 per NCAAF game. Control 2 -Don't Double Bet every time you lose! It is a common practice to sometimes run after your loses and doubling the bet. Control 3 -Don't let your emotions go overboard! I know we love our teams and we sometimes blindingly believe they will win, but keep your cool and again just bet 2%-5% of your bankroll. Keep you cool, especially when you are losing. Keep your cool especially when you are having a bad streak! Pause and take a break----CONTROL!
3. RESEARCH - Use Matchup Tools. Research on past scores and game stats to give you a handle on how specific teams are doing. Check the Odds! In order to win at sports betting you need to be pickup the winning team. Research on different online sports betting sites because different sites sometimes offer different points spread. If you want to Bet on Alabama Crimson Tide, this site might list Crimson Tide as 10-point favorites versus the Fighting Irish, while this site will list it as 9.5. Shop for Betting Lines!!!---Always Remember.
    • Side Note on Points Spread: If the Heat are playing the Cavs, most bettors would bet on the Heat to win the game. But say the point spread will make the Heat a 10-point favorite. What this means is that the Heat have to win by 11 or more points for its bettors to win their bet, while those betting on the Cavs would win their wagers if the Cavs won the game or lost by nine points or less. If the Heat win by exactly 10 points, the bet is a push, or a tie, and no money changes hands.

Follow these proven Basic Pointers and you will not only have fun betting on sports but you might even find it financially rewarding.

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