Thursday, April 4, 2013

NBA PREDICTION - Thunder Will Get The Road Monkey Off Its Back

OKC and Pacers Face Off In Interesting Game

Oklahoma City Thunder @ Indiana Pacers – Friday April 5, 2013 8:00PM EST

The Bet On Sports experts do not want to jump the gun and call this game a potential NBA Finals preview, but it is hard not to get excited about a game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Indiana Pacers.
The Thunder have been working hard all season to try and get back to the NBA Finals to finish up what it considers to be unfinished business. The Thunder have been focused on the playoffs all season long and that focus has paid off with a strong showing in the Western Conference standings.

The Indiana Pacers were not a total surprise to the sports betting world. But there were plenty of observers who felt that Indiana initially benefited from the loss of Derrick Rose for the season. With the Chicago Bulls out of the way, the Pacers could take over the Central Division. But as the season wore on, the Pacers started to show that it was more than just a lucky situation. This is a team that is working hard for a legitimate shot at an NBA title. It may not happen this season, but it could happen soon if the Pacers continue to develop as they have been.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Thunder star Kevin Durant is saying and doing all of the right things this season. Durant acknowledged to the online betting world that playing a Christmas Day game on the road was hard for him. The Thunder lost that game, but it was one of only 20 losses that the team has recorded all season long. The Thunder plays a fast-paced brand of basketball that is hard for other teams to stop. To beat a team like the Pacers, the Thunder knows that it will have to possess the ball and prevent Indiana from playing its game.

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Indiana Pacers

The online US Poker Rooms experts are still having a hard time picturing an Indiana Pacers team that plays with speed, but this is a very speedy team. The Pacers have become extremely proficient in transitioning from offense to defense and the team has also figured out ways to make a lot of three-pointers as well. This is more than just an opportunistic team. This is a team that makes its own breaks and then takes advantage of them. The Thunder will have to play its best game to beat the Indiana Pacers.

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If the Thunder has a weakness, it is playing on the road. The Pacers play well at home and have pulled off most of its biggest wins on its own court. But the Pacers can be susceptible to standing around and watching a team like the Thunder. This will be an extremely fast-paced game with a lot of highlight reel material. In the end, the Thunder will get the road monkey off its back.

Precision Prediction Pick: Oklahoma City Thunder

Here is the Bet On Sports  Complete Matchup between the 2 teams

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