Wednesday, February 13, 2013

NBA Prediction of The Day - Houston at Los Angles

2013 NBA Basketball Betting – Up-And-Down Teams Meet In Los Angeles On Wednesday

 The Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Clippers have been quite volatile over the past month. They meet just before the All-Star break, trying to establish an upward trajectory.

Houston Rockets @ Los Angeles Clippers – Wednesday, February 13

Why Houston Will Win 

No college football betting expert would deny the contention that the Los Angeles Clippers are a formidable basketball club. A winning percentage over .665 just before the All-Star break is pretty good, to say the least, especially when one realizes that the Clippers have never gone past the second round of the playoffs in their largely snake-bitten history. However, with that having been said, the Clippers just finished an eight-game road trip in which they did not post a winning record. They did gain a big win over the New York Knicks this past Sunday, but their star players, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, are far from 100 percent healthy. They will have at least a partial chance to recuperate over the All-Star break, but right now, they figure to be worn down. In this first game after an eight-game road swing, the Clippers will be fighting both physical and mental fatigue. They will be distinctly vulnerable against a Houston squad that has been playing terrific on offense in recent weeks. The Rockets unloaded for 23 three-point makes in a 140-109 win over Golden State last week. They have scored at least 108 points in every game they've played since Jan. 26. James Harden is throwing down ridiculous scoring numbers as part of a flourishing offensive attack. When you go over your next sportsbook review, you will see that few offenses in the NBA are performing better than Houston's right now. As a result, the Rockets have won six of their last nine games.

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Why Los Angeles Will Win 

When people pursue a sport betting play, they have to look at both sides of the coin, not just one. Online football betting gurus in particular are keenly aware of this truth. They know that while offense is certainly attractive, defense needs to be reliable in order for a team to reach the next level. Houston is not a next-level team (eighth place in the Western Conference right now) because it does not defend consistently. The Rockets have allowed at least 109 points in three of their last four games and 106 points in five of their last eight. Even when one allows for variations in tempo and style, this is still a 24-second shot clock league, with possessions coming and going rapidly. Allowing well over 100 points cannot be seen as a ticket to elite status in the NBA. Los Angeles played rugged defense on Sunday in an impressive road win over the New York Knicks. Holding New York to 88 points in Madison Square Garden is a substantial feat, and it speaks to a level of quality on defense that Houston doesn't have. Los Angeles can win at both ends of the floor; Houston can only win on offense.

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The Clippers' defense is and should be the difference in this game. Los Angeles is a complete team, while Houston is distinguished at only one end of the floor. You can't win a game at one end of the floor… especially not against strong competition. Take the Clippers here. 

Precision Prediction Pick: Los Angeles Clippers  

Here is the Bet On Sports  Complete Matchup between the 2 teams

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